You only get one chance for a first impression in life, and when it comes to your business, there is no exception. First thing people look at is the way the content on your website/business blog is written. Are the words connecting, converting and selling? The way your website is worded and how the sentences are structured, will say a lot about your product/services.


We believe in a good and structured way of working. You achieve results by using the right resources and a structured working method. First of all we offer a FREE intake interview. A quotation is then drafted based on your wishes. After we have reached an agreement, the project can start.


To find out what our rates are, we advise you to request a quotation for the service you want to use under the ‘contact’ tab. We will then contact you within approximately 1 business day to discuss your request. During the free intake interview, your wishes are discussed, afterwards an offer will be drafted. The will be based on the content, subject, the average number of hours and the desired deadline.


Once your wishes are clear and both parties have reached to an agreement, we will start the ball rolling. One of our professionals will be assigned to carefully review the content, whether it’s your website, document or presentation. They will then carefully rewrite or translate the content in the requested language, with the same writing style and sentence structure, while retaining the exact meaning. Afterwards, it is proofread and edited in order to ensure quality and accuracy. Duration depends on the size of the content.

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